Aeronautical Engineering Colleges

If you are interested in aeronautical engineering then you may want to consider looking into aeronautical engineering colleges.

There are a number of excellent programs to be had at colleges and universities around the country, many of which offer aeronautical engineering (also known as Aerospace) programs at multiple levels including bachelor’s programs, masters degrees and doctorate or PhD levels.  Given the nature of the work that an aerospace engineer does, you will of course want to attend one of the top aerospace colleges to give yourself the very best opportunity when it comes to job placement, but what are some of those top colleges?

aeronautical engineering colleges

Some of the very best colleges in this field include some of the most prestigious names in engineering and technology including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Purdue University-West Lafayette, California Institute of Technology and Stanford.

While these are by no means the only colleges available when it comes to studying engineering, and specifically aerospace engineering, they are some of the best and you will need to take a number of steps to ensure that you are even given consideration at these kinds of colleges.

One of the first things that you can do is to arrange to graduate from a high school that either specializes in engineering programs (such as Baltimore’s Polytechnic Institute) or to take as many science and engineering classes at your current high school as possible and maintain high academic standards in all your classes so as to ensure yourself a place with that particular college.

Of course there are other things you can do to help bolster your college applications.  This includes things like taking part in science fairs and taking summer courses in engineering subjects or working to take AP courses in related areas that will give you a leg up. Taking part in after school clubs and activities, or perhaps finding a job in a related field will also help towards your being accepted by these top schools. But once you get into an Aerospace college, what kind of courses will you be able to take?  Better yet, when you graduate, what kind of job will you be able to find?

Courses in aerospace colleges include things like pre-engineering mathematics, engineering mathematics, statistics, calculus, trigonometry, physics, astrophysics, chemistry, dynamics, design, Aerothermodynamics, materials engineering and any other number of courses that can be used to create aircraft, spacecraft and the technologies that keep them working.  The further you go, the more complex the course become until at the doctorate level you are expected to contribute original material, be it formulas, designs or the likes, but something new and original to become part of the overall body of aerospace knowledge.

A degree from an Aerospace college, especially one of the more prestigious ones, is nothing to be sneezed at, and these degrees will open doors for you across the country and, depending on your specialty, sometimes around the globe.  From working as an instructor in your own area of expertise (if going on to get your Ph.D. is an option) to working for one of the major government contractors like Boeing or Halliburton, the choices for someone who holds a ‘name brand’ aerospace engineering degree from a known college will find windows of opportunity opening up for them no matter where they go.

Engineers are highly respected and highly paid, primarily because there are so few well-qualified ones, and a degree from one of these high profile institutions will definitely increase your chances of making a name for yourself and leaving your mark on the world.  From the engineer with a bachelor’s degree working at an entry level job to the PhD who is designing the next generation of aircraft for tomorrow’s airlines, the aerospace engineer is a highly sought after individual, especially if they happened to study at one of the top Aeronautical engineering colleges in the US.

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